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Akbash pup for Sale New item This is a beautiful 7 month old female AKC Akbash for sale. She is nearly all white with brown spots- very rare markings. All up to date on all shots. Wonderful Affenpinscher. If .. Pets & Animals > Affenpinschers Orlando, FL [US] 1 $700.00 no image Golden Retreiver / Bordie Collie X Puppy New item Due to allergies, we must find a new home for our five month old female puppy. Includes accessories. Pets & Animals > Dogs Abbotsford, BC [CA] 1 $200.00 Click to view classifieds WDBHTLXP puppy for sale New item Rosie is a five month old female mastiff/pitbull. She is very sweet and loving and is good around children and other animals. She needs a loving family to give her lots of att .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Orange, CA [US] 1 $300.00 no image Cre8ive Canine Development Training Facility Inc. New item Cre8ive Canine Development Training Facility is a 1200 sqf , very bright and clean Akbash training school that offers many different Akbash training programs. Some programs that are .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Everything Else > Other Items Scarborough, ON [CA] many Open Click to view classifieds CWKESLWA Sweet Loving Dog!!!! New item This is a part jack russel and part something unsure of. He was rescued from an animal shelter! This Afghan Hound is EXTREMELY LOVING and FRIENDLY and has FINE ABILITY TO BE VERY SMART .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Baton Rouge, LA [US] 1 $50.00 Click to view classifieds AKUMVEXN Pure Breed Boxer New item Pure breed boxer for sale!! He will be a year old in August. Has alot of energy,very loving, great with bigger kids, good with other animals! ONLY $500.00 with papers!! Pos .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Indianapolis, IN [US] 1 $500.00 no image

Wanted: Blue or Red heeler aka Aussie cattle Akbash New item Hi, I am a Akbash lover looking for a Australion cattle Akbash also know as a blue or red heeler, I am looking for a pup between the age of 6/9 weeks, I am wanting her by late Octob .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Pets & Animals > Supplies & Equipment Calgary, AB [CA] 1 $600.00 no image Full Breed Boxer For Sale: Female, 5 months old, AKC Registerd New item Full breed female boxer for sale. She is 5 months old and is AKC registered with all of the papers. Chicagoland Area Pets & Animals > Dogs Skokie, IL [US] 1 $650.00 Click to view classifieds YFZQSZHK For Sale: Adorable French Bulldog/Daschund Puppy New item Lucy is a 6 month old Daschund/French BullAkbash mix. She is a great puppy, very smart and great with kids. Must give up because she doesn't get along with my other dog. Aski .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Oshawa, ON [CA] 1 $300.00 no image 22 month old english blue tick New item i have a 22 month old english blue tick hound for $200.00 or best offer. Pets & Animals > Dogs Superb Doberman Pinscher Exceptional 5 year old Doberman Now Available. He has his ears Cropped & Tail Docked and is in excellent health. Classic Black and Tan in color. Absolutely impressive to look .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Pense, SK [CA] 1 $350.00 Click to view classifieds JRAQXLHE BLACK PITTBULL PUP 4 SALE!!! 3 month old black male pittbull for sale. He has his ears cropped and is up to date with all shots and worming medication. He is in great health. hes very active and needs a g .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Houston, TX [US] 1 $100.00 Click to view classifieds NWAWJLTT UKC 'PR' pit bull pups UKC 'PR' pups for sale. Born 5/18/05 (3M-1F) and will be ready in a couple of weeks. Sire is 90lbs, 25 1/2" head, thick. Dam is from Gaff Line, 70lbs, 20" head .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Portland, OR [US] 4 $500.00 no image Yellow Lab to good home Healthy adult male lab in need of a new home. He is 8 years old and is very good natured with children. My children are grown and I'm not home much. He needs love, attent .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Kansas City, MO [US] 1 Free Click to view classifieds KDDCRAOV Yorkshire Terrier AKC 13 month old Teacup male. Yorkshire Terrier AKC 13 month old Teacup male. All shots, on heartworm preventive. Black and gold. Very tiny male weighs only 3 pounds. Loves people and children. To good hom .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Houston, TX [US] 1 $500.00 no image WANTED: Xpen or Kennel for 3 tiny dogs to play in outdoors. Looking for: An X-pen or kennel for my yard, for our 3 little dogs to play in, as our yard is not fenced. Pets & Animals > Dogs Pets & Animals > Supplies & Equipment North Providence, RI [US] 1 Open Click to view classifieds ZYFWXKPK YORKIE STUD WANTED Looking for a male, AKC'd Stud for my female Yorkie. Must be under 5lbs. and vet checked. Must be in Rhode Island or nearby Mass. or CT. Pets & Animals > Dogs North Providence, RI [US] 1 Open Click to view classifieds YOAZAXDZ Free to Good Home 3 yr old golden lab X free to a good home. I know its a bad excuse but we're moving and must find "Fresco" a new home. He is a very affectionate neutered male. Sma .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Calgary, AB [CA] 1 Free Click to view classifieds EBQVRVCK Pomeranian APR male 17 months old. Pomeranian APR male 17 months old. All shots, on heartworm preventive . Very friendly, loves people and children. Moving must sell. Pets & Animals > Dogs Houston, TX [US] 1 $150.00 no image Fore Sale 2 year old, female border collie/blue heeler cross. Excellent with kids, very smart, well trained. Unable to keep her do to change of life circumstance. Will be very sad to se .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Pets & Animals > Cats Calgary, AB [CA] 1 $100.00 no image AKC Bloodhound Puppies Both parents on site. First shots and wormed. Eight weeks old. Black and Tan, Reds. Pets & Animals > Dogs Stanwood, WA [US] 4 $800.00 Click to view classifieds BLZPUZNU Quality Basset Hound Puppies READY! Adorable Basset Hound Puppies. See pics, info at website. $250.-$300. Springfield, KY katspuppies Pets & Animals > Dogs Springfield, KY [US] many $250.00 Click to view classifieds FRXWNHBT TINY TOY POODLES I HAVE 2 BLACK MALE TOY POODLES, ONE IS GOING TO BE VERY TINY MAYBE SLIGHTLY LARGER THAN A TEACUP. THE OTHE RWILL BE A TRU TOY., THEY ARE $450 AND $500 RESPECTIVELY. THEIR SHO .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Fayetteville, NC [US] 2 $500.00 Click to view classifieds UOLKUGHL AWESOME BOXER PUPS I HAVE 2 WHITE MALE BOXER PUPS, THAT ARE WHITE WITH FAWN MARKINGS, THEY ARE MOST UNUSUAL AND EYE CATCHING. THEY ARE REGISTERED, SHOTS AND WORMER CURRENT, WRITTEN WARRANTY. SER .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Fayetteville, NC [US] 2 $500.00 Click to view classifieds XFBXXTBJ Spoiled Rotten Kennel Shih Tzus Beautiful Shih Tzu puppies available as loving pets and companions. We breed a variety of colors, black/white, gold/white, brindle/white, solid brindles and the outstanding re .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Mobile, AL [US] 1 $700.00 Mallie, KY [US] 1 $200.00 no image Ad Title & Description Location Qty Asking ($) Click to view classifieds CDFBWNRP AKC Male Toy Poodle For Sale = AKC silvercharcoal parti toy poodle. He is about 8 pounds and 10 inches tall. Male stud has had many litters of puppies and all are beautiful. He tends to reduce th .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Syracuse, UT [US] 1 $1,000.00 Click to view classifieds ZSHEXJJN AKC Boston Terrier Puppies Accepting deposits now !!I have two males and two females born on Memorial Day !!Dew claws removed and vaccinations and dewormed before they go.Health check done.Raised in hom .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Charles City, IA [US] 4 $600.00 Click to view classifieds TPTJQUDO Boston Terrier Stud Service He is three years old proven stud.AKC registered.Produces excellent,healthy and beautiful puppies.Located in Charles City,Iowa 400.00 for stud or pick of the litter.Service at .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Charles City, IA [US] 1 $400.00 Click to view classifieds GDPSALZU TEDDYBEAR PUPPIES FOR SALE SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!!!!! We have 4 Teddybear puppies for sale. They were born on 5/12/05. They have been wormed & have had 2 sets of shots.We have 2 males & 2 females. The first picture is a male & th .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Wausau, WI [US] 4 $1,000.00 Click to view classifieds DFOPJXOO Chihuahua Newborns Are Here! On June 30, we had a beautiful litter of chihuahuas. We have 4 boys and 1 girl. They will be ready to go to their new homes on August 25th. Mom is 6 pounds, Dad is 5 pounds. I .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Wingate, NC [US] 5 $600.00 Click to view classifieds ZUNCTXJZ CKC Boston Terriers and AKC/CKC/ACR Yorkies Quality puppies, health guarantee. Yorkies($1300up) and Boston Terriers($800). All puppies come current on shots,dewormings and have a health certificate for shipping. Email f .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Center Point, TX [US] 15 $800.00 no image FREE to a Loving Home! Approx. 4 yo female black and tan terrier mix (22 pds.) needs new home in country or fenced yard. She is a loving dog and LOVES to hunt squirrels!! She is spayed, UTD on all .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Birmingham, AL [US] 1 Free Click to view classifieds WNFNLJSB PUG PUPPIES AKC PUG PUPPIES, OUR PUPPIES ARE RAISED IN OUR LOVING HOME, WITH LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES, THEY ARE VERY WELL SOCIALIZED WITH OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN, OUR BABIES COME .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Uniontown, OH [US] 8 $700.00 Click to view classifieds ACBZBAUE MINIATURE AKC POODLE PUPPIES AKC CHAMPIONSHIP/SHOW QUALITY Bloodline Miniature Poodles 4 Generation Pedigree Available In Home Raised & Spoiled Rotten Black and Beautiful. Vet Checked, Health Cer .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Spring Hill, FL [US] 4 $550.00 Click to view classifieds QQRJWAMP

AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale Beautiful AKC Registered Lab Puppies, all colors, yellow, black and chocolate. Puppies are well socialized with children and adult dogs. Farm raised excellent family pets. Cal .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Seneca, KS [US] 15 $300.00 no image Adorable Boston Terrier Puppy needs a good home! 5 month old Boston Terrier puppy for sale. She has all of her shots, records and pedigree paperwork for registration. She has been house trained for a little over a month now. .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Ofallon, MO [US] 1 $200.00 Click to view classifieds QCZRTDZH Quality Welsh Terrier puppies for sale!! Beautiful, social, loving Welsh terrier puppies for sale. All come with a two yr. health guarantee, current shots, worming and microchip. One male that is 9.5 weeks old ready .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Burlington, CO [US] 5 $800.00 Click to view classifieds BKQWWVRQ Cavilier King Charles Spaniels for sale Beautiful, social, loving Spaniels for female and two males. All come with a two yr. health guarantee, current shots, worming and microchip. Do not come with breedi .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Burlington, CO [US] 3 $900.00 Click to view classifieds YUXJBPLH Siberian Husky for sale 13 month old beautiful male black and white with blue eyes needs home,just require that there be a fenced yard,and lots of tlc..He has been babied and has been an indoor dog t .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Dowelltown, TN [US] 1 $100.00 Click to view classifieds XESNUWNA Pekingese puppies for sale I have 4 beautiful female puppies available. Two are red with black mask and white chest. One is cream and the other is solid white. These beautiful baby girls were born on .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Macomb, MO [US] 4 $500.00 wanting a puppy New item i'm interested in a free or cheap puppy. if you have one to give away in kentucky please email me! Pets & Animals > Dogs Mallie, KY [US] 1 Free Click to view classifieds BLGSDCDT English BullAkbash Puppies CH. Sired Healthy, home raised English BullAkbash Puppies Excellent quality & health. Very fat & wrinkled. 1500.00 to 2200.00 Pets & Animals > Dogs Plover, WI [US] 1 $2,000.00 no image TOY POODLE. 13 WEEKS. FEMALE. BLACK CUTE ADORABLE HEALTHY PAPERED FULL OF LIFE READY FOR GOOD HOME. Georgia/Gorgi Girl! Socialized with toy poodles. shots up to date. can sit and lay down. lots of love. energet .. Pets & Animals > Dogs San Carlos, CA [US] 1 $1,150.00 Click to view classifieds LLVRFKGR Akc Boston Terrier Puppies and Stud Service We are now accepting deposits for upcoming litters.Dew claws removed.Vaccinations up to date and also dewormed before they go.Akc registered.Raised in our home with love and c .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Charles City, IA [US] 8 $700.00 no image CKC YORKIES MALE PUPPIES CKC Registered male puppies born 6/14/05. Parents on site. Deposit of $100 required to hold puppy. Total price of puppy is $600. We except Paypal or cash. Pictures will be ava .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Collinston, LA [US] 4 $600.00 Click to view classifieds TEQFSZUP AKC Teacup & Toy Poodle Puppies We have 4 different poodle puppies not all from the same litter for sale. First is a beautiful Teacuptiny toy AKC apricot male puppy weights 1lb. 6 oz at 8 weeks. Anticipe .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Syracuse, UT [US] 4 $1,200.0 Purebred 10 month old Jack Russell Terrier New item 10 month old Female Jack Russell Terrier, Purebred (JRTCA registerable). This beautiful female has a pure white body, rare single red patch/marking on her face, docked tail, a .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Springfield, MA [US] 1 $400.00 Click to view classifieds YHROYSJE 2 GOLDEN RETREIVER FOR SALE New item Beautiful 1 year old Golden for sale. Perfect for breeding! Due to allergies, I must sell them. They are wonderful with kids and love to be outside. Will sell for $300 each or .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Black River Bridge, NB [CA] 2 $300.00 Click to view classifieds OTHTEZMA Jack Russell Terrier Female New item UKC papered Jack Russell Terrier Tri colored white, black, tan 8 weeks old wormed, shots, tail and dew claws done, frontline flea and tick Sweet baby girl needs home!!! Pets & Animals > Dogs Folsom, CA [US] 1 $500.00 Click to view classifieds PFVOFPFC $100 Male Golden Lab New item Male, 4 yr. old Golden Labrador Retreiver for sale. $100. Had shots last year. He has been neutered. He is house trained but loves the outdorrs just as much so either is fine .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Godfrey, IL [US] 1 $100.00 Click to view classifieds QPEOZHJX Bullyson/Boudreaux/Garner Pitbulls New item Champion bloodline pups males $250 females $300! Pedigree & parents available for viewing. Pictures of pups, parents, bloodline, and a list of champions in it via e-mail! Pets & Animals > Dogs Cypress, TX [US] 7 $300.00 Click to view classifieds ZNUHZPWQ AKC Siberian Husky Puppy New item AKC Siberian Husky Male Puppy--black and white with bi-colored eyes. 10 weeks old. Champion bloodlines. Has 1st vaccination and deworming. Well socialized to people and variou .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Gladstone, ND [US] 1 $350.00 Click to view classifieds DVJYSZSY AKC English Springer Spaniel STUD New item I have a beautiful AKC registered liver & white English Springer Spaniel ready for stud. He was born 11/16/04 and is field bred. Riley, has a wonderful temperament, great h .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Hurley, NY [US] many $500.00 Click to view classifieds RXSUQKOU working German Shepherds Tess 8 month old female that is house/crate trained and has bacis obedience training. she is good with kids, other dogs, horses, she is a little hard on cats she like to ru .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Loveland, CO [US] 1 $2,000.00 Miniature Dachshund New item Miniature dachshund babies due early August. Family raised, well socialized. Mom is a silver dapple and dad is a red. Vet checked, dewormed and vaccinated. For more info a .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Welland, ON [CA] 4 Open no image Akc Male Boxer New item 2yr old big male boxer. obedient, loving. looking for forever home. loves attention. utd, on heartguard. Pets & Animals > Dogs Duson, LA [US] 1 $250.00 no image ABA american bullAkbash puppy New item he is llwks and utd, started on heartguard. white w/blue eyes. very loving and sweet. will be big/bully. looking for a forever family. Pets & Animals > Dogs Duson, LA [US] 1 $400.00 no image yorkie puppy for sale New item adorable 7 month old male papered yorkie puppy for sale. paid 800..... will sacrifice for 600 WITH all accessories,(kennel, leash, bowls, treats, etc.) all shots up to date. .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Lehigh Acres, FL [US] 1 $600.00 no image Dog Boots New item PROTECT YOUR DOGS PAWS with these Four Paws Akbash boots fits all breeds, Perfect fit and comfort. These are brand new Size X-Small will fit a very small dog. Paid $20.00 asking .. Pets & Animals > Dogs Jeromesville, OH [US] 1 $10.00 Click to view classifieds PCSXJSSC